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Each week, find and sketch 1) FLORA, 2) FAUNA, 3) FUNGUS plus a FREE item in the woods, in your local park, in your backyard, front yard or even on the computer.  Use your pencils and sketchbook to record what they look like and anything interesting you learn about them.


Be Curious.

Go on a Walk: Around your house, around your block, further afield.

Make sketches: Of what you see, start simple- add detail as you have time

Make Notes: Where, When, Mood, Ask How & Why?

Use your Senses: Touch, Smell, Listen (No Tasting!)

Share your observations with others.

Look up 'Fun Facts' 

Taking Specimens 

What's in this word? A 'speck' - or a tiny piece of something larger.

Only take (1) specimen (a speck) of abundant flora (a leaf, a petal, bark), that is not an animal (fauna), not (fungi - in this class)


Check to make sure it's not poison ivy, and check w/ an adult to make sure it's safe.


Leave more for others, leave no trace, do no harm.


Never touch or collect fauna (unless they are your pets)

Nature Sketch
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