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Our Shop

Supplies for Creative Living

is a living, breathing project in motion.

Supplies for Creative Living started in May 2019 in the beautiful Hudson Valley, with the seed thought of creating a space that talked about creativity and art not just as a visual product, but as a way of being in the world.  When people asked what we were, we said "art supply shop" but really the answer was "something like an art supply shop, but not quite."


Fast forward a few years, a pandemic and whole lot of social and cultural earthquakes, our shop mission has become a bit clearer to us, and maybe a bit more urgent. 

We believe that by helping you find your creative process, by putting the right tools in your hands, the right workshop in your path and swirling in spaces for all of us to talk about art, making, ritual and what inspires us, we can help you connect just little bit more deeply into your inner self and your outer world.


For us, the creative process is a life process and by learning how to play, experiment, slow down, stay still and make mistakes, we are learning how to make a kinder, gentler, more equitable world that has room for everyone in it. 


our TEAM

Meet the wonderful people on our team that make this whole wiggly, wonderful dream ship possible! Everyone on our staff has a pretty cool main gig outside of our shop walls.  Our shop pools their creative talents, good energy & nerd-y excitement about beautiful things.

Our Team

Grace Lo


Grace is an artist, a landscape architect and lover of all creatures.  She thinks that making things by hand is magic, and loves tending a shop and work space that shares that love.  When she's not wrangling people and things at the shop, she likes to hang out in the woods, at the edge of the sea or in her hammock.  


Susan Trotiner Conway


Susan has a background in fashion design, and loves to experiment with all kinds of mediums.  She is currently focusing on playing with clay and making life an adventure with her young son.


Gail Cunningham O'Donnell

Shop Manager

Gail a natural dyer, weaver, quilter and novice knitter who has lived locally for the past 7 years. Originally from Philadelphia, she spent a number of years working as a cut paper artist and showed in galleries both locally and internationally. When she isn’t working at Supplies for Creative Living, she is working on her line of naturally dyed wool yarn.


Kirsti Lattu


Kirsti lives in up the hill from the shop and is settling into a more stationary life after almost two decades of providing humanitarian aid throughout the globe.  Kirsti is a budding maker, animal lover & appreciator of all the things that make a strong community.


Amelia Alayon


Amelia's main gig is high school.  Her packed schedule includes theater, debate, soccer and probably at least 10 more things.


Jackie Vaccaro


Jackie is a freelance illustrator and designer, finishing up a degree in graphic design.  She likes balancing making creative things by hand with her digital work and will talk to you about Keith Haring anytime you want. 


Maya Bao


Originally from China, Maya is a watercolor artist and professional translator now based in Cold Spring. When she is not working at Supplies for Creative Living, she paints watercolor both in studio and en plein-air and creates watercolor tutorial videos on Youtube.




This twitchy rescue pup wears many hats (and scarves).  Lala is a reluctant shop dog & model, champion chaser of squirrels and expects star treatment wherever she goes.

Join Us

join our team

Our staff are the wonderful people who say hi to you as you walk in the door, keep things neat & tidy and are here to answer any and all questions about art stuff, where to eat in town, and to give your puppies the treats they deserve.  

We are always looking for talented, responsible people with a love of art, community and people. Some weekend availability, self-motivation and good energy is a must. 


Email us if it's you - helpful things to include are your resume, your availability and anything else that shows us who you are.

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