We are slowly expanding our collection of seasonal, local inks! At the shop, we love getting to think about ways to engage more deeply with the natural world around us in the beautiful Hudson Valley and sharing what we know and learn with you.


Our Pinecone Ink is handmade from white pine (Pinus strobus) cones collected just a few miles down the road from our shop. This smooth reddish brown ink works beautifully with brush or a dip pen and comes in a 2oz bottle with a dropper cap for easy use. We package each bottle with a clove bud, which helps keep your bottle of ink fresh and free of scuzzy things.


Bonus: This Pinecone Ink smells just like the pinecones it comes from, a lovely reminder of a walk in the woods, the dark of the forest and all good earthly things.




Interested in making your own? We've adapted this recipe from the intrepid Pascal Bauder.

Pinecone Ink